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AV Concierge Call

We want your events and projects to be a success (even when we can't be there)...

Why Choose Vida Loek Media?

Supporting you with your A/V, Music and Technology needs so you can focus on Content and Connection...

We support Women, Non-binary folks and Gender Non-Conforming beings who are Community Builders and Leaders with their A/V, Music, Technology needs for their online events and projects. We focus on these things such that our Clients can show up and focus on cultivating connection with their Communities.

We are passionate about supporting Music Festivals, Workshops, Multi-day Events and Retreats; both online and in-person, (either locally or internationally, when we are able to do those again).

As well as supporting our Clients in making their BIG multimedia ideas a reality.

Vida Loek Media has a very rare-for-this-industry and unique skill from being a internationally known Spoken Word Artist and Performer AND well-known Audio Engineer and a Leader in the A/V and Event industry… through this lens, Vida looks at the whole picture in regards to Event Creation, Media Projects and Community Building. 

Understanding that it’s about more than *just profit* for our Clients… Vida & Team seek to cultivate an experience for our Clients which is tailored just to their liking and leaves them feeling supported from inception of event/project, to planning to the actual production.

Vida Loek Media LOVES co-creating Events & Projects which create Memories, Inspire Change, Advocate for Equity, Inclusion and JUSTICE, and foster deep Connection within Our Client’s Communities which leave their Members leaning in, and wanting more… 🙂

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Miss Gathering in Community?

Us, too.

Which is why we are hosting ongoing online community gathering events, and you’re invited :). 

Come hang, (All of these are 100% free).

Co-working Sessions 
(Like an online Café to work on your projects at, read books, catch up on emails, whatever you feel like doing…)

DJ dance parties
Open Mic Nights,
Y mas!

What We Offer...

Event & Project Support

From AV Support to Tech Team building, from Production Dynamics and Technology, from Music Playlist Creating (or Co-Creating) to our AV Concierge Call.

We support our Clients with these such that they can show up and focus on their Content and Creating Connection within their Communities.

Music Playlists

We support you in cultivating the feeling of YOUR event through music, so it *feels just right* to you and your Community.

Evoking emotion, inspiring shifts, and moving bodies - called the Music Medium by a Client and Community Member, for a reason. 😉

Vida has a deep understanding of the energy and uses of Music, which allow Vida Loek Media to tune into the energy of your Event and Community and really assist you in setting *the tone* for your container.

Gear Rentals And Consulting

We offer solutions for all of your AV equipment needs. If you are local to us, we do have rental options for Online Events.

Our business model isn't centered on renting you gear, therefore, we also support and encourage our Clients to invest in some of their own. Ask us about our Gear Proposals for more information.

Home of the AV Concierge Call...

Because we've got your back,
(even when we aren't in the room).

So, you’re putting on one of your first events, and you’ve crunched numbers and don’t have the budget to have someone like me at your event the WHOLE weekend?

But your friend can fill in? And they have equipment already?

That is AMAZING!
Music, A/V and Technology are important parts of any Event, both Live and Online!
But, you worry things might not go well? 

Well, you know how some big name stores have Shopping Concierge Services? Someone who prepares you items ahead of time, helps you make selections, ensures you leave the store happy & with Mission success?

Our AV Concierge Call is just that… for all of your #AV, #Music, #Technology, and #EventProduction needs. 😊

We are committed to your event being successful, even if *we* aren’t the ones supporting live.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

I hosted an online party for participants in our Spanish language intensive. It was the end of the program, and we really wanted to facilitate a safe space for celebration, connection, and fun. Vida Loek Media created a vibe!

They were detail oriented and the playlist was perfect! What I was looking for was more than music, I needed someone who could effectively navigate the tech and understand how to create a mood virtually. Every single one of my program participants commented how unique the event felt from other virtual gatherings and I credit a lot of that to Vida Loek Media.

My organization requires certain cultural competencies. We regularly work with events that center the Black and LGBTQ+ experience. With Vida Loek Media, I was able to get everything I needed - professional, high-quality, culturally competent event curation AND the technical expertise of a seasoned audio engineer.
Jamila Ball, Esq.
Jamii Linguists, LLC
Vida took the retreat to a whole other level of energy, professionalism and magic.
In addition, they were able to capture the audios of the retreat and the meditations I did so I could re-purpose the materials and meditations. I offered the meditations as bonuses for another program and continue to utilize.

I love the co-creative process with Vida. Vida is tuned in and tapped into my energy, what I desire to create and what the retreat itself wants.

Vida follows and shares their intuition which is spot on especially when it comes to the music and the energy needed... plus I experienced it during the transitioning with music as I lead a process and meditation... it was magical!
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