Vida Miramontes-Loek

Biz Builder | Audio Engineer | Spoken Word Artist | DJ

Vida Miramontes-Loek was born and raised in San Jose, CA and has lived in Los Angeles, Sacramento and Tempe, Arizona over the years. Vida’s pronouns are They/Them/Theirs. Vida is Mexican, Indigenous (Hopi and Apache), and Scandinavian. They are a Spoken Word artist, Biz Builder and passionate advocate for Justice, Healing, self-care, and Community Building.

Vida Loek Media has been in this Industry for 15+ years. Vida is a graduate from the Conservatory of Arts and Sciences, and has a degree in Music Technology.

Vida has supported live events that have had 4 people in attendance to larger events that have had over 800 folks in attendance.

Online, Vida Loek Media has supported events with up to 500 people in attendance at once via Zoom based events.

Vida Loek Media has supported online music festivals, online multi-day events, workshops and more.

Some of Vida’s favorite events to support have been Transformational Self-Development Events, and others have been TV Show Wrap Parties.

Vida started off as a performer and spoken word artist, and discovered their love for audio, event production and supporting others to grace stages, and after years of self-taught growth chose to pursue this passion as a degree.

Vida has recorded over 30 albums and EPs for local artists, has performed on stages at festivals, open mics, house shows, and has been interviewed on local radio and television for their music.

Vida brings their performance knowledge, wisdom from being in this industry for so many years, and educational background into all they do for their Clients.

a few of our Media Related Wins

- Launched a YouTube channel that grew to 100K subscribers with over 13,000,000 Channel Views
- Over 500K views on Vida's music videos
- Performed at Events at local cafes and open mics and grew themselves to headlining Festivals
- Interviewed on Local and International TV and Radio Stations
- Vida's Music has been played on Local and International TV and Radio Stations
- Played a key role in International and Local Artist Collectives that aided in supporting Artists in going viral, landing Record Deals and International Tours

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