Booking Vida Loek Media for Online Event Support

Hey You – Vida here. 🙂

Thank you for your interest in wanting the Vida Loek Media Team to provide you with Online Event Support. We are glad you found us.

Before we dive into how you can book us for Online Event Support, we want to let you know that we LOVE building ongoing partnerships with our Client base and because of such, we take on a very select amount of Clients at a time. 

And, we only say YES to a very small amount of partnerships for Online Events, in general.


Because we understand that the Events, Clients and Community we support are a direct indication of our values and mission.

We seek alignment with our values and mission – in ALL we do.

We seek to cultivate connections with folks who do the same.

If you’re seeking to explore if we are aligned, please take a few minutes to read through our process for booking, and FAQ below.

If you feel resonate, reach out and book a call

Online Event Support Booking process


Book an Online Event Support Pivot Plan Call here:


Bring Your Questions to Our Online Event Support Pivot Plan Call

Bring any questions you may have to our call, and I have some exploratory questions that I'll bring and ask you to get a deeper sense of what energy and experience you are seeking to cultivate with your Community during this Event.


What to expect after our call...

After our call, I’ll prepare a proposal for your event which outlines what I and my team will support you with, inclusive of the budget for those services.


Let's Get Officially Booked for Online Event Support

Once you’ve reviewed the proposal, and to officially book me, the proposal will be transferred to a signable agreement and you’ll be sent it and an invoice for deposit. Both of which can be handled online with just a few clicks. 🙂


Event Logistics and Assets, oh my!

Once the agreement and deposit are completed, Vida Loek Media will send you and your team an onboarding packet inclusive of a few fillable forms which will aid us in creating custom playlists for your event, gather some information about the assets we will manage, and other BTS systems plans for our team and yours for the event experience. Please fill these out, and reach out with any questions. 🙂

To Note:

Once booked you will also receive a Client intake form which will help us get to know you a little better. While filling it out is optional— it does allow us to better serve you and understand your needs as we partner on your event and/or projects.

****Please note: Vida Loek Media is not officially booked for your event until agreement is signed and deposit is paid. If other people reach out for the event dates you’d like, and we haven’t heard from you, we will reach out *once* to touch base and then move forward with other Clients, if we don’t hear back. Thank you for your understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Online Event Support

Thank you for asking. 

Because we might not know each other I’m going to take a moment to introduce myself a bit more while I answer this question. 🙂

I am a Spoken word artist who developed a love for all things Audio Engineering, Tech and DJing, because I had a soul calling and needed these things on my tool kit to create with my friends, peers and self. 

And, I have been using these skills, and developing my tool kit within A/V, Music and Technology for basically my whole life now. 

My passion for these 3 things, and my love of, and desire to, support(ing) fellow Community Leaders and Builders led me to create a Media Company to support folks with A/V, Music and Technology for their events and projects.

Because, I know when those things are taken care of with expert support that my Clients can focus on creating Connection and deeper Community with their Community Members.

And, I know that it’s rare for someone with a Business like mine to know the experience of Events from the front of the stage and from behind-the-scenes, too; and I bring that understanding and insight to my Clients and Community. 

Before Covid, you could find my Company in the back of Event spaces — such as retreat areas, ballrooms, conference rooms, dinner presentations, weddings, parties, luncheons, music festivals, big conferences, etc. — holding space and running all things A/V, Music and Technology related; doing everything to aid my Clients in cultivating the energy of the event with a seamless experience from an A/V, Music and Technology perspective. 

Since Covid, I’ve transferred this experience and offering to Online Events and our Online Event Support System.

However, this isn’t my first time being Online in this way. I’ve been doing Live-stream broadcasts, video work, building websites, producing online content and community for years for my music and for Client projects. 

I really understand all aspects of the Online World.

Oooo, I’d absolutely LOVE to explore supporting you. 

To connect about your event, schedule an Event Pivot Plan Support Call.

This is a great question. My answer isn’t as direct as you may like… because, it really depends. 

Before we chat about my team and I supporting your event, I would recommend you book an Event Pivot Plan call, to walk through transitioning your event to the online space. You can book one here: help me pivot my event, Vida. 
And of course, I won’t leave you hanging…
These are the variables to keep in mind…
  1. What kind of event are you wanting to transition to the online space? What aspects of it do you want to transition to the online space? Just the content or the full package experience?
  2. What are your Tech needs? Do you want a DJ to be live with you throughout your event, and help you cultivate the energy and experience for your Community? (Worried about zoom exhaustion? Well, music makes allll of the difference).
  3. Do you want your event broadcasted to social media as it is live on another platform such as Zoom?
  4. Are you cultivating community with this event or do you merely want to deliver content?
“Great questions, V. Let’s chat,” you say. 😉 
“Ok, great. Book an Event Pivot Plan Call,” I reply.

Feel free to watch our FREE Community Discussion on Livestreaming Your Live Event.

We led this Community Discussion for about 4 weeks, completely live each time, when Covid first hit, to offer Clients and Community members tangible steps on pivoting their events online. 
However, If you’re looking for tangible steps for your specific needs, you’ll definitely wanna book an Event Pivot Plan call
You can do so here: Help me Pivot my Event, Vida! 

Ooo, thank you for asking. I find that Community Leaders and Builders really get the necessity of embodying their work. 

And, they often really advocate for their Community and understand equity, inclusion and building a business which mirrors their values.


Right now we are mostly focused on…
– Music and Chill: The Series
– A/V Concierge Call
– Event and Project Support
– Community Discussions

Yes, we do, we offer a select number of Sponsorship offerings a year, all based on need.  There is an application process to get one of these spots.

You can learn more by emailing us:

info (at) vidaloekmedia  (dot) com.

Sweet, email us at info (at) vidaloekmedia (dot) com

Online Event Support Tailored to your event needs

Want a private intimate gathering on Zoom?
But also livestream it to a third-party application such as a social media site or video hosting site?
We gotchu.

Have a big retreat or festival you want to transition to the Online Event Space but do not know how?
We gotchu.

Hosting a music centered fundraiser and need an engaging way to facilitate it? We gotchu.

From Workshops, to Music Events, Multi-day Events and Retreats and everything else you could possibly think of.

Ready to connect?

Reach out.

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