Our Clients

Supporting Community Leaders and Builders

Our Clients are Community Leaders and Builders. Folks who are seeking to cultivate tangible shifts in the World with their Businesses as one of the vehicles used to achieve such.

Thus far, I have supported Live Events that have had 4 people in attendance to larger events that have had over 800 folks in attendance. Online I’ve supported events with up to 500 people in attendance on Zoom at once. I’ve supported online music festivals, online multi-day events, workshops and more. 

Some of my favorite events to support have been Transformational Self-Development Events, and others have been TV Show Wrap Parties. 

A Few of My Clients, and Also Guest Speakers, I’ve Supported At Events:

Les Brown
Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer
Cast of Grace and Frankie
Cast of Big Little Lies
Cast of Atomic Blonde
Trudi Lebron
Lisa Dennen-Young
Jamila Ball, Esq.
Brigette Iarrusso-Soto
Martha Nino
Allyson Byrd
Jessica Denise Dickson
Maggie Nazario and The ColorFull Collective
Nick Vertucci
Hay House Author, Matt Kahn
Lisa Marie Platske
Sean Douglas Stewart
Lisa Sasevich
Kevin Harrington
Penelope Jane Smith
Nathalie Chapron
Ms. Jaiya
Record Label Executives
Audio Video Los Angeles,
(As The Official Northern California Representative)
And tons more 🙂

Many Artists via Folk Medicine:

Hosted by: Nat Kelley & Santiparro
– Sunny War
– Sharon Van Ellen
– Bill Callahan
– Johanna Warren
– Kyp Malone
– Carly Jo
– Farmer Dave
– Bonnie “Prince” Billy
– Devendra Banhart
Ft. Lisa Bonet, Sibyl Buck, and More.

Projects I’ve Supported as Technical Director:

– Nick Vertucci’s NVRE
– The First Zoom Based Musical, Jean and Wonderful Idea Machine
– And more 🙂

I have also recorded, mixed and mastered over 30 albums for artists.

This page isn’t the full history of my work, just some of the most recent.

My experience with Vida was incredible! I was relaxed and cared for. Vida is a pleasure to work with. Their energy is grounding and they are exceptional in communication and setting expectations, checking in and ensuring everything is ready to run smooth like butter. I cannot imagine having this event without Vida! I will use their service again over and over!

Hire Vida. Period. Don't DIY your event. Invest in support from someone who is a total pro. Vida has got you covered. Your event will have a bigger impact with Vida’s support
Brigette Iarrusso
CEO Embrace Change
I trust Vida Loek Media's skill, depth and range of experience. I've experienced their online + in person events -- different kinds of events for different organizers, including my own events.

And I have witnessed the consistent intuitive guidance with which they keep everything smooth so that you don't have to worry about anything AV.
Lisa Dennen-Young